Sunday, February 28, 2016

My CLEAN craft room

I promised that I would show you some pics once
 I got my craft room sorted.
So here goes.
Remember this as it will never look the same again
once I get loose in there.

This desk came from a school that was replacing furniture,
extremely solid and very heavy.

As I like to work standing up this desk came from a cafe that closed down
and it is just right for working on.

One side of the wardrobe that still needs more shelves.

The other side.  Luckily you cannot see my ribbons in 
the trays to the right. they need seriously sorting.

And my little cubby hole right outside the door.
We were going to make this into a built in cupboard when we had the
bathroom remodelled but I remodelled the space myself when no one was looking

No I am not going to show you the dinning room table still covered in craft
or let you peek into the wardrobe in the second bedroom
where a lot of things I don't use so much are still hidden.
Now if I could just find some time to craft might be good.
Unfortunately DH is becoming noticably more feeble
and it takes up much of my day visiting him that by the evening 
I am too darn tired.

Thanks for dropping in.

Margaret M


  1. Margaret my craft room never stays tidy and everytime I do tidy up I think I'll keep it like this but it never Yours looks great


  2. Hi Margaret
    Wow, that's a fabulous desk and a great organised space. I can't craft in mess so my craft room tends to be tidy......unlike the rest of the house lol!
    Hope that hubby is just having a little slow time and that he will pick up again. You look after yourself too chuckie.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. Thanks for sharing your very organized and clean crafting area. I am so envious of your tidily arranged supplies. Mine are all over! You've done a hard job, but you have some good work space there. I stand when I work too (or sit in the recliner as I color). I just can't stamp sitting down. Mine space is so messy & cluttered I think that's why MoJo has gone walkabout! TFS & Hugs


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