Thursday, November 7, 2013

It wasn't only my Mojo that was AWOL

My Mojo has been absent without leave and everything
I have tried to do has ended up in the bin for this last week.
As well as that I have crashed the car.  Only a graze really nothing hurt
but my pride and being without the car for 10 days or so.
Having an unblemished record up till now did give us a hire car thank goodness.
Also I have had the second operation on my arm
which was worse than the last as the surgeon had to cut into the scar again.
Enough of my moaning onto the good stuff.

I have enough Christmas cards made now the first time ever
I have not been madly rushing to get them done.
It is all thanks to the wonderful Christmas card Challenges
that are run throughout the year.
Hats off to all of you.

Today I have sort of followed the sketch at 52 CCT
But as I said my Mojo is just not working.
It is made entirely with left overs at least that is one good thing
as my scrap bin is always full.

Thanks for dropping in.

Margaret M