Sunday, February 28, 2016

My CLEAN craft room

I promised that I would show you some pics once
 I got my craft room sorted.
So here goes.
Remember this as it will never look the same again
once I get loose in there.

This desk came from a school that was replacing furniture,
extremely solid and very heavy.

As I like to work standing up this desk came from a cafe that closed down
and it is just right for working on.

One side of the wardrobe that still needs more shelves.

The other side.  Luckily you cannot see my ribbons in 
the trays to the right. they need seriously sorting.

And my little cubby hole right outside the door.
We were going to make this into a built in cupboard when we had the
bathroom remodelled but I remodelled the space myself when no one was looking

No I am not going to show you the dinning room table still covered in craft
or let you peek into the wardrobe in the second bedroom
where a lot of things I don't use so much are still hidden.
Now if I could just find some time to craft might be good.
Unfortunately DH is becoming noticably more feeble
and it takes up much of my day visiting him that by the evening 
I am too darn tired.

Thanks for dropping in.

Margaret M

Monday, February 22, 2016

My second Christmas card

Greeting to Anne and Darnell and thanks for joining my followers.
My follower numbers goes up and down like a yoyo.
All bloggers fault I think or maybe Google. 

I am trying to use up craft supplies that I have instead of buying more
and I found this square card with a cut out panel and shim card 
front that I bought way back.
Santa was cut from some 12 x 12, a pine branch  and bauble die,
a few stickers/ peel offs that I am also trying to use up and one easy card


Must dash I am off to have lunch with DH today, collect his 
washing to bring home as I don't trust the homes laundry with it.

Enjoy your day.
Margaret M

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beautiful Blue

I know I have been absent for a while but life here is not easy.
Life keeps throwing me bricks will soon have enough to build a house.
It is very hard to concentrate on anything 
And I am so glad to have my cards to play with,
 now that I am making birthday cards for the residents at the aged care facility.
Have just delivered the cards for the residents who have March birthdays 
to the pastoral carer who is responsible for delivering
them and was asked to make some multi purpose cards suitable
for events that crop up among the staff.
It is now making me think as there are as many male residents and 
male members of staff as female so I have to come up with ideas for them too.
that is why today I have a male card to show you.

Instead of using my eBosser I have pulled out punches
in a determined  effort to start using all my craft stuff.
in fact that border punch is one of my favorites.  
It is so easy to overlook what you have and still want more isn't it?.
The punched squares are a soft suede paper that I found when
having a good turn out. 
Don't ask me where the rest of the paper is as I had such a good turn out
I have lost it again.  GR......
Really must get back to Christmas cards too or I will be panicking 
come October.
Am entering this in:

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Margaret M