Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Merry month of May

When you read this I will be sunning myself in Sunny Sussex by the sea.
Well thats the theory anyway.
I shall be in Sussex whether the sun is too remains to be seen.
As long as the bluebells are out I shall be happy.
Have now had to search among my photos to find the card I had 
earmarked for May.
Found I have a lot of cards that I have not yet posted
and what was my New Year resolution?
To post every card I made this year!!!!!

This looks a bit washed out in the photo but rest assured it really isn't
although looking at it I could have improved it by backing the yellow rose.
This card proved to be another useful way of using up odd scraps of paper.
Of which I seem to have a great pile.

Have enjoyed looking at all the lovely cards on
this month.
Hoping to see another bumper entry for next month.

Margaret M