Sunday, September 4, 2016

Still going round in circles

Yes I have been playing with circles again.
Not that I have had much time to do anything with 
DH being in Hospital this week.
There is nothing worse than sitting around in hospital
waiting for Dr's etc. All so tiring.
DH is back in the nursing home now and glad to be back
with the routine and people he knows.

Really useful for using up all those pieces of  left over DP.
I have found a whole stack of odd pieces while having a clean up.
Perhaps some one can explain why every time I use up some scraps
at least 3 more pieces take their place.
Am popping over to Pixies Snippets with this.

Many thanks for popping in

Margaret M


  1. This is fabulous Margaret! Lovely way to use up snippets and a great design too. Whisper, I think snippets secretly breed when we aren't looking!

    Pleased to hear your DH is back where he's more settled.


    Di xx

  2. Hi Margaret
    Sorry to hear hubby has been in hospital so I hope he is feeling better now.
    I can certainly sympathise with hanging around hospitals as done a lot of that recently myself lol!
    Brilliant way of using your scraps up and any shape could be used too. May have to give this a go, if you don't mind.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. What a great way to use up those patterned pieces of paper we have left over from larger projects.

    Sue xx


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