Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Merry month of May

When you read this I will be sunning myself in Sunny Sussex by the sea.
Well thats the theory anyway.
I shall be in Sussex whether the sun is too remains to be seen.
As long as the bluebells are out I shall be happy.
Have now had to search among my photos to find the card I had 
earmarked for May.
Found I have a lot of cards that I have not yet posted
and what was my New Year resolution?
To post every card I made this year!!!!!

This looks a bit washed out in the photo but rest assured it really isn't
although looking at it I could have improved it by backing the yellow rose.
This card proved to be another useful way of using up odd scraps of paper.
Of which I seem to have a great pile.

Have enjoyed looking at all the lovely cards on
this month.
Hoping to see another bumper entry for next month.

Margaret M


  1. Hi Margaret, a pretty card and a wonderful way to use up your scraps, I wish this die had some with a back for the rose too. Have a wonderful holiday in the north, hope you get to see some sun. We have finally begun our Autumn, usually our deciduous trees are bare by now, they are only just beginning to change colour... Megan

  2. Hi Margaret
    Lovely card and way of using up your snippets.
    I hope that you have been basking in sunshine today as its been lovely in the Midlands.
    Have a great trip.
    Ang x

  3. Those pretty papers of yellow and pink are perfect for those sweet roses! I love the pretty design and warm, wonderful colors too!

  4. Hi Margaret, what wonderful use of your scraps of paper and I know what you mean about a pile, it's super.
    Hugs Sue W.


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