Monday, November 20, 2017


I have been trying to tidy up my craft room..... no don't laugh I'm serious.
Oh yes you are right it is never ever going to be tidy.
Anyway I seem to have more bits and pieces that never find homes.
I have not been able to get to any craft shop
let alone my favorite craft shop for over 12 months now
and buying on line is just not my style.  I want to see and to touch things.
So I took a deep breath and rummaged through the pile of
that I have here waiting to be used and came up with 4 blue card blanks
that I have put to good use with one piece of 6x6 DP.
Apart from the one piece of DP everything else was just hanging 
around waiting to be used up.

Here is what I cam up with.

The card blanks were all different shades of blue and the white card
I used for mounting had patches of ink on it which 
I was able to hide or cut around.
I would be happier if it had made more of a dent into my piles of
so that it would warrant my buying more.  Big Sigh!
Just hoping the poinsettia ones will go through the post without getting squashed.
Am sharing these with:

Hope those of you in the North are not too cold.
We are starting to get some rather warmer weather than I like.
I am indoors with the air con on working on my "STUFF".

Have a good day.

Margaret M


  1. What a lovely set of Christmas cards Margaret! Lovely backing paper and great designs. I sometimes pop a piece of bubble wrap over a raised embellishment to protect it in the post - that might help your lovely poinsettias.

    Lovely to see you back in the Playground.


    Di xx

  2. Definitely lovely use of your stuff! I like that patterned paper and the overall look is so pretty with the embellishments.

  3. I love blue at Christmas time. It's so pretty. I think we all should be challenged to use what we have on hand. Great ideas!

  4. Your cards are beautiful Margaret... you obviously had some fabulous items in your "stuff". I think most of us are in the same boat when it comes to collecting items for our crafting. I know I'm going to have to live to 150 to use everything I own!
    The little snowmen on your background paper are very cute, and the colours are wonderful. I love the addition of those big, white poinsettias, they're gorgeous.

  5. Oh well done! Your cards are bright and Christmassy and no-one would know they were made from 'stuff'. The flowers are gorgeous. I have a constant battle to keep the scraps under control and welcome any excuse to use a bit more. It is all so tempting to buy though, isnt' it? x AlisonC Snippets GD

  6. Hi Margaret
    Smashing quartet Margaret.
    I've got more piles than a haemorrhoid clinic lol! Never trust a tidy crafter lol!
    Ang x


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