Monday, November 13, 2017

The Puddle Duck Vineyard.

Yesterday we had a lovely time here on a glorious day celebrating our expected baby.

Me,  Mum to be Meagan,  Daughter Angela gran to be
Younger Daughter Deirdre.
Sorry about the shades but it was to bright to take them off. 

The pond with a balcony jutting out over it.There were a lot of 
ducks on the pond but they don't show up.
Vines in the background past the trees

Some of the gifts on display.
Even the soap containers in the bathroom were ducks!

An enticement to come again.

It was so hard to take photos as with the sunlight one could not see
just what was in the photo so it was a bit hit and miss.

Now I should include a card in this post but I do not own a stamp with a 
duck on it! 

Talking to my daughter we asked her what she wanted the new bub to call her
I am Grandma and will stay grandma for any new offspring.
She said as her husband wanted to be Pop she had thought
Lolli would be a good name!!

It is supposed to get to 27 today so I have already been out and shopped
now to stay inside and keep cool.

When it gets over 22 I have had it.

Have a good day.

Margaret M


  1. Hi Margaret, a fun day out for all the ladies! Love the name of the winery and it looks like it has some wonderful facilities to use... have a wonderful week... Megan

  2. Hi Margaret
    Splendid name for a venue, but then I'm biased.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful day.
    Wish it was 27 here......supposed to drop down to -2 tonight!
    Ang x


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