Saturday, January 5, 2013

Up date on the heat wave

Yesterday Hobart experienced its hottest day on record 41.8.
My washing dried in around 10 minutes.

With the strong winds that went with it  there have been and still are bushfires
around the state.

Over 80 homes have been lost including nearly the whole of a small community.

The main fire is in the Port Arthur area where there is only one road in

which at this time is closed to traffic.
This is a tourist area with lots of shacks holiday homes and day tourists
Some have been ferried out by boat back to Hobart
others are camping on beaches and at Port Arthur they are without electricity
and food is being ferried into them by boat.

Thank goodness we are not in South Australia that had 47 yesterday.

And thank goodness it is cooler today.

Margaret M

P.S.  On Jan 3rd our daughter was concerned by a fire coming toward their property
so gathered what she would need if she had to leave in a hurry.
Youngest son 13 yrs packed his bag.
His coin collection, Christmas money and his Rubic cubes all 26 of them!
The wind changed direction luckily.

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  1. Hopefully it will be better today Margaret. It is pouring rain here this morning but the temperature is going to be 39 so very humid..I always wanted to move to Tasmania because I hate the heat but now I am not so sure...Have a good week..Loz


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