Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spring is in the air

As September 1st is the first day of spring here I just thought I would show you
what is growing in my garden.

The Daffs have been beautiful but they grow so tall and the wind makes a mess of them. 

This Cimbiddium Orchid has had to survive on its wits because I really haven't given it any
time in the last 12 months those are just 2 blooms it has 6!!!!!

This Azelia blooms all the winter. 
It starts off bright pink and gradually fades to white and dies
this is finishing now while others are just coming out

Hope you enjoyed your trip around my garden and see you back soon.

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  1. Such beautiful plants you've shared. I can just imagine how luscious your garden must be. The Flower soft I used for the snow is Polar White, new out last year. Have a wonderful weekend. "Hugs" Carol


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