Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Merry Santa

A very quick post today as I am late, late, late.
and here it is.

I chose this merry looking Santa because I thought it would make 
an excellent child's card.
So I have gone to town with the glitter and glitz.
No that is not glitter on his beard it is the frosty night.
Hopefully in the next few weeks life will settled down into a 
more relaxed pattern and I will be able to get back to crafting again.
In the meantime it is an emotional roller coaster.
Life wasn't meant to be easy was it?

Thanks for dropping in.

Margaret M


  1. Good morning Margaret,
    Sending you some (((((hugs))))) things are obviously not settled at home yet.
    However you have created a really wonderful card.
    Love everything you have done on it
    Patricia xxx

  2. Margaret, lovely yo see a post from you, sorry things still aren't that settled at home, but fingers crossed it won't be long. Wondeful jolly Christmas card, just love it. Hazel x

  3. Margaret, this is just a delightful Santa, & while I'm out of _my_ childhood years, I just think he's adorable. I love his beard. Great choice of the eyelet S/B as a mat, and the wonderful tree at the bottom right. I hope the roller coaster ride will soon settle down for you. I can imagine it is so difficult & very traumatic for you, your DH & your family. God be with you on this journey. I hope all of you can have a Blessed Easter, and we have one more day to enjoy here with our daughter, before heading back to South Carolina. It's been lovely weather (raining at home) and been so nice to have a bit of time with DD. Big hugs & TFS. God Bless

  4. Hi Margaret
    Lovely to see you back but still worried about you chuck.
    Terrific festive card. Love Santa's frosty beard.
    Take care dear.
    Ang x

  5. Lovely card Margaret. Thank you for your comments on my blog

  6. What a super cute design Margaret.

    Hugs diane

  7. What a super cute design Margaret.

    Hugs diane

  8. Very cute!! Great layout and love the sparkle on the tree and Santa's beard.


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